Wealth Management and Consulting Services

We are ready to manage your assets!

We manage your asset on your behalf and we share our expertise for you to convey your wealth to next generations.

We are the only Turkish consulting firm offering services in wealth management. We are rightly distinguished from other consulting companies in this respect.

Our clients include real persons, families, companies and various organizations and our services are completely tailored to meet your needs.

Centrum Consulting offers the value its customers deserve with the following consulting services in wealth management.
  • Wealth management including financial and financial assets for you or your company and planning for next generations,
  • Transferring of your wealth to next generations and managing of your assets during post transfer period,
  • Relocation services (Supporting determination of your new residence depending on your or your family's preferences including education, health care and lifestyle etc. and moving your wealth or business to your new residence),
  • Establishing your family office and necessary structure in a desired country,
  • Establishing trust and similar structures for protection of your wealth,
  • Determining the best financial instrument and services for preservation of your wealth with our global partners,
  • Preparing and implementing the optimum solutions for your wealth,
  • Alienation of your investments to third parties and management of that process.