Transfer Pricing Documentation Services

Documentation Services

Our transfer pricing documentation services are designed to meet all your documentation requirements. We offer transfer pricing documentation solutions for Turkey and all other countries your company operates in. Master File

Master File has become the most important transfer pricing document especially for multinational group of companies and holds great importance for such companies in terms of transfer pricing. Our transfer pricing team offers, in a boutique concept, the experience it has acquired in master file projects of the biggest multinational companies. Annual Transfer Pricing Report

Our annual transfer pricing report services cover preparing the transfer pricing report including examination of related party transactions for the respected accounting periods and providing an executive summary which addresses important issues in terms of transfer pricing. We can provide our annual transfer pricing reporting services both in Turkish and English at your discretion. Country-by-Country Reporting

On behalf of ultimate company of your group, we prepare Country-by-Country Reporting which includes information on every country where the affiliated companies operate. The scope of our Country-by-Country Reporting services also includes analysing the results of reporting and evaluating its impact on the group. Benchmarking Studies

We conduct benchmarking studies to support your transfer pricing practices. We carry out those studies to demonstrate compliance of the results of your company's transactions with related parties which are arm's length and to support the financial results obtained. Centrum Consulting conducts comparability analysis within comparability studies based on either internal or external comparables on a transaction basis. Transfer Pricing Forms

We offer support for filling out transfer pricing annual forms (The Form on Transfer Pricing, Controlled Foreign Company and Thin Capitalisation and Transfer Pricing Form on Related Parties Transactions) regarding the transactions of your company with related parties in an accounting period and for submitting them to the related tax office in the attachment to the corporate tax return or in due time. Our services include executing the entire form process by Centrum Consulting or examining the form prepared by your company and offering our opinions and recommendations on the form as a separate consulting service.