Our Transfer Pricing Consulting Services

Transfer pricing consulting is our job.

Our Transfer Pricing Due Diligence Services

Centrum Consulting's transfer pricing due diligence services answer your all questions on your transfer pricing liabilities. It is easier than you think to learn about your company's status in terms of transfer pricing liabilities. Our Transfer Pricing Check-up Services

We quickly identify all areas of improvement in terms of your transfer pricing practices as a result of our study where we use "Transfer Pricing Risk and Compliance Assessment Module" developed by Centrum Consulting. The most important value-added we provide for your company with our check-up service which measures audit risk and compliance level of your company in terms of transfer pricing is that your transfer pricing risks are identified in a timely manner. Our Transfer Pricing Risk Analysis Services

Our transfer pricing risk analysis services include studies where we analyse the risks which can be generated by transfer pricing practices of your company.

The purpose of our analysis is to identify potential risks which can be caused by the actual status, after making assessments on transfer pricing practices where transactions covered by the transfer pricing legislation are executed among group companies.

We make our transfer pricing risk analysis in four steps: (i) assessment meeting, (ii) data gathering and preliminary analysis, (iii) transaction based analysis, (iv) preparation of the risk analysis report.

Our Transfer Pricing Restructuring Services

Within the scope of our transfer pricing restructuring services, we evaluate whether current results are consistent with your company's functional profile within value chain of your group of companies. The value that our service contributes to your company or group is to eliminate discrepancies between your current transfer pricing practices and applicable legislations in all countries you operate in, including Turkey, and to ensure full compliance with the transfer pricing legislation. Our Transfer Pricing Policy Services

During our transfer pricing policy projects we conduct studies at group level to determine the transfer pricing policies of your multinational group. As a result of these studies, we share the transfer pricing policy document we prepare specifically for your group and the results of our comparability analyses and present our studies to the senior management of your group Our Intra-Group Services Analysis and Benefit Test Services

We analyse the intra-group services provided by your head office or group companies and recommend allocations keys for intra-group services in this regard.

In addition, we apply a benefit test for the companies which receive intra-group services.

Finally, we carry out internal and external comparability studies to determine profit margin to be applicable for intra-group services. We prepare the intra-group service report which also includes the benefit test, as an outcome of our service. Our Transfer Pricing Audit and Reconciliation Services

If your company is subject to transfer pricing examination, as Centrum Consulting, we defence your company during transfer pricing audit and execute your audit strategy on behalf of your company.

Centrum Consulting also offers consulting in technical issues during reconciliations on transfer pricing assessments. We also support your company during reconciliation negotiations as your transfer pricing consultant upon your request. Our Advance Pricing Agreement Services

We initially evaluate if your related party transactions are feasible for an APA application. As a result of this assessment, we prepare and issue for your consideration the "Advance Pricing Agreement Assessment Report" where we provide our opinion on the feasibility of APA application. If your company has decided to apply for an APA, we offer you our APA services in two stages: prior to APA application stage and APA negotiations stage. Our Transfer Pricing and Customs Valuation Services

At Centrum Consulting, we can offer following customs value determination services in association with transfer pricing:
  • Consulting in selection of the method to determine the arm's length customs value,
  • Preparing transfer pricing documentation for customs valuation,
  • Advising on how to use the transfer pricing reports issued within the scope of the Corporate Income Tax Law for the customs purpose,
  • Consulting during customs examinations on transfer pricing and preparing information and documentation requested by the customs auditor,
  • Providing consultancy on ruling requests from the Customs Administration for determination of the customs value.