Our Transfer Pricing and IP Optimization Services

OECD BEPS Action Plan and amendments in national legislations might require for re-evaluate the intangible assets of your group and restructuring them to provide the optimum benefit for the group.

In this sense, our services which can meet the needs of your group include;
  • Identifying which company or companies that the intangible asset belongs to,
  • Determining if there is any difference between legal and economic ownership of the intangible asset,
  • Conducting a detailed function, risk and asset analysis for the intangible asset,
  • Assessing whether income obtained from group companies and/or royalties paid to other group companies due to the intangible asset in the current structure has a substance,
  • Reviewing contracts for the intangible asset and making BEPS compliance reviewing,
  • Checking opportunities of restructuring for intangible transactions including royalty payments in accordance with OECD BEPS Action Plan and
  • Providing necessary transfer pricing documentation for intangible transactions and executing benchmarking studies.