Business diplomacy is the key tool for the secure; start up, development and coordination of an efficient and profitable business relation. We aim to prevent, solve or minimize the impacts of conflicts. Our interpersonal networks, local value-added information and strategies, expertise on local culture and socio-economic dynamics create solutions to save cost and time which is an extremely important factor to minimize the risks.

Our Business Diplomacy Management Services include Creation of new business opportunities; development of collaborations; to prevent and solve conflicts; strategic planning and mitigation of risks by wide range analyses.

As Centrum Business Diplomacy Consultancy team, we are committed to provide Business Diplomacy Management Services in order to assist you to manage your business and investments on a safe and effective route.

Our services will provide the clear vision to better understand economic scene in Turkey, actors and developments behind decisions, probable response of national political actors in order to have better assessment and adequate solutions for your business.

On the other hand, we will provide political/economical assessments and relations management services that your line business requires.

Centrum Business Diplomacy Services is designed to provide tailor made solutions for each business case keeping your interests and requirements of your market ahead.